Minimal system reqirments

Testlink 1.9.18 PHP 5.5 or higher MySQL 5.2 or MariaDB If you perform the migration, it is necessary to remove all files from folder /testlink/gui/template_c/

Testlink will generate the temporary file after installation on this path.

Configuration files – configuration of properties – Customization configuration – configuration DB

Theme configuration of testlink

Open file 1) Search this elements (This elements is possible changed.)

$tlCfg->instance_name = 'např. Main TestLink Instance'; 
$tlCfg->document_generator->company_name = ' Testlink'; 
$tlCfg->document_generator->company_copyright = '2012 © '; 
confidential_msg = 'For internal use (security level )'; 
$tlCfg->logo_login = 'logo.png'; 
$tlCfg->logo_navbar = 'logo-mini.png';